This is the post excerpt.


My life has become better,
I’ve made mistakes and I’ve grown,
Still has a long way to go.

I’ve learnt that I can’t be all,
Nor can I please all.
And that’s okay,
‘Cause I’m not born to be that way.

The child in me has been murdered,
Killed by growing up.
I’ve lost the ability to find happiness in the simple things in life.

But along the way,
I’ve found myself a salvation;
My will to express and not hold back,
In paper.
The reticent boy becoming a bold lion,
The emotions becoming too much to suppress.
‘Cause with each stroke of the pen,
I’m freer.

Here’s to Us

Here’s to the unsung warriors, the lone soldiers and the wounded samurais – to all those fighting a war in life that is life itself.

Here’s to the fake smilers, the silent sufferers and the disguise wearers- to all those hiding beneath a veneer prescribed by society.

Here’s to the the grieving hearts, the betrayed hopefuls and the dejected lovers – to all those who has had their love, heart and hope trampled on the ground.

Here’s to our concealed heartbreaks, broken smiles and heavy hearts – to all the bitterness life has afflicted our way.

Here’s to the weary pilgrims, the lost travellers and the confused wanderers – to all those who has lost their way in the search for meaning.

Here’s to us – the survivors, the real heroes and the humans.
Here’s to better days, to freedom and to salvation – to all the obstacles coming our way and the fight we shall put up, to all the love we will receive and the love we shall give.

When love comes

When love comes,
you will realize that the fairytales you grew up believing were all lies and that there is something more beautiful.

When love comes,
you will watch the walls you’ve been building slowly crumble as you fall further and deeper, before you even know it.

When love comes,
the way you know yourself will change as a fire that compares to nothing takes over you and you will feel like it is always what you’ve wanted.

When love comes,
so will the smiles and the laughters, the random chuckles, the daydreams, the constant hope and the midnight musings.

If love comes,
though it may be just for a fleeting moment or maybe it is a hopeless crush, let it come because even true love does not always come to stay.